Registration can only be made in commercial car parks - paid.If you are a resident of a housing estate where the TELPARK service has been installed -for registration, contact your Property Manager.

To pay with a mobile phone for parking in parking lotscommercial - paid, registration required.

  1. Register here . After successful registration you will be redirected to your TELPARK account
  2. Donate to the dedicated account of the car park manager that will be credited to your account TELPARK (enter your mobile number in the transfer title). There is no minimum or maximum deposit amount, e.g. - if you deposit 30PLN and na the car park where you intend to park the parking fee is PLN 3that's enough You for 10 parking.
  3. Enter the TELPARK phone number for your parking in your cell. We suggest assigning a speed dial key to this number.

Registration Form