How it's working

You choose the number assigned to the gate, the barrier and after 1 second he isopens.

The TELPARK access control system is an alternative to pilots, cardsmagnetic and applies to all types of gates, barriers. TELPARK eliminates the problems associated with pilots, including their range. Using TELPARK can work in parallel with remote controls, cardsMagnetic. The service applies to commercial and corporate parking lots,Residential areas. Using the service does not cause any additional costs related toby phone connection. If you are registered in TELPARK - by callingto the gate number, the barrier (you will hear the signal busy - it will never come totelephone connection - that's why you won't pay anything for it) - the systemwill recognize you as a user and a barrier, the gate will open. If notyou are registered by calling - there will be a connection and the systemwill inform you that you do not have access.

Local and corporate parking - free of charge

Only the administrator registers users. To register, contact your Parking Manager.

Commercial parking - paid

You register at and make a prepayment toParking. You drive up to the barrier, gate, dial the number (save this number in your memorytelephone - we suggest assigning a quick key to this numberPolling). After dialing the gate number, the barrier opens and from your TELPARK accountyou will be charged according to the car park price list. Where does the parking owner receive funds for your parking? After registering your phone number at, the system will askYou for a transfer - deposits to a dedicated bank accountbelonging to the parking lot manager. During the payment it is important that you in the titlethe transfer provided the number of his mobile phone that you will openbarrier. The system every time you choose the number of barrier, gatewill recognize that it is your number, will check your balance and if it issufficient will open the barrier for you. Funds you have deposited into your accountthe owner of the car park will be used in full to pay for parking, according towith the parking price list. To register in a commercial car park, simply enter data here . Using the service does not involveno additional, fixed fees, except for the price list set byparking lot manager. By using the service you have full access to information about yourTELPARK accounts. Here you can check how much is stillYou funds on your TELPARK account.

Service demonstration

To see and check how our system works, see our service demonstration .

Frequently asked questions

What is a telpark?
Telpark is a modern access control and management systemparking lots that allows you to open any electrically operated gate orbarrier using a mobile phone.
Who is the telpark system directed to?
To property managers and property administrators. Telpark isideal solution for corporate, commercial and car parkshousing estates. The system is used, among others, by hospitals, banks, officesand universities, cooperatives.
What to do to install a telpark in a parking lot?
if you want to use the service in your parking lottelpark, it's enough for the parking manager to contact us.
Do you have to replace the entire system if the car park already existsaccess cards or remote controls?
No. The telpark system is constructed so as not to interfere withexisting systems. Can work in parallel with them without affectingusing them.

From users

Can I use the telpark system if my number is hidden?
Yes. Just precede telpark with the code * 31 #.
Can one user enter the parking lot with different cars?
Yes. The number of cars does not affect the use of the service.
What is the range of the telpark system compared to pilots?
To open the barrier, door, gate, just select the appropriate number foron your phone from anywhere - in an apartment, office or inStore.
What additional possibilities does telpark offer?
  • Is an excellent alternative to access cards and remote controls - morefunctional and cheaper.
  • Your guests no longer have to wait for your return - telparkallows you to control the gate / barrier from anywhere.
  • Telpark is not only access to doors and barriers, but alsocabinets, bicycle storage, staircases, etc.

From paid parking users

How to become a user?
A prerequisite for using the mobile payment systemTELPARK is to have a mobile phone of any brand and activeSIM card. Caller ID CLIP / Caller-id is also required(i.e. your phone number cannot be hidden, it must be displayed whenyou are calling). If your number is hidden, precede Telpark with the code * 31 #. To pay with a mobile phone for parking in parking lotscommercial - paid, please register on Telpark. Afteryou will be redirected to your TELPARK account for correct registrationpayments to a dedicated parking manager account. The TELPARK account can be topped up with any amount (the title of the transfer should includeenter your mobile number). Enter the TELPARK phone number forYour parking lot. We suggest assigning a quick key to this numberDial.
Is there a minimum amount to pay?
No, there is no minimum amount. Please remember, however, that you have paidmoney may affect the Parking Administrator account the next day.
Who do I deposit money to?
Money is paid directly to the Parking Administrator's account.
During what period can I use the money deposited?
Money paid into the Parking Administration account is not lost,you can always use them to pay for parking.
Do I have to provide my personal details during registration?
No, we do not provide personal data during registration,only the mobile phone number from which payments will be made, andemail address (an email address is needed if the password is lost).
Can one user enter the parking lot with different cars?
Can I control and monitor the service?
Each user has full access to their account information inTELPARK system. You can check both information about allmade transactions, and change some parameters. Functionalityis available via After logging in, everyoneThe User has access to information about his Account on the websiteTELPARK including:
  • User Account Balances, i.e. current account balance in the systemTELPARK.
  • Transaction reports, i.e. account replenishment and completedTransaction.
  • Possibility to exchange password to access TELPARK service.
Additional questions?
We invite you to contact the Customer Service Office by email ataddress - we will answer all your questions.